2021 Masonite Trend Report

2021 Masonite Trend Report

The home trends of 2021 reveal that today’s families are drawn to spaces which provide sanctuary, sustainability and an intuitive design that adapts to their needs. Our doors do more than meet these needs; they help homeowners cross the threshold of their ever-changing lives.

Masonite Trend Regenerate


Responding to changing consumers & climates by returning to nature & simpler solutions.

Our current landscape is informing the choices we make in many ways. Concern for the environment and a desire to support local communities are driving a preference for locally sourced, responsible materials. When it comes to decor, natural materials and pigments have a comforting, grounding effect. Layering is also key. Minimalist spaces are canvases upon which meaningful objects, salvaged items and mixed textiles are layered. These elements combine to create Regenerate.

Masonite Trend Adapt


Rethinking spaces to be more functional, hygienic & safe.

The way we use our homes has been upended. They now need to function as offices, schools, gyms and more—meaning zoned spaces, multi-functional furniture and practical yet contemporary decor. The pandemic also changed the way we feel inside our homes. Security and safety are key, from secure locking systems to sanitized surfaces. In essence, the Adapt trend is about bringing comfort—by meeting our many needs, maintaining a pleasing contemporary style, and helping us feel safe.

Masonite Trend Home Sanctuary

Home Santuary

Embracing a greater dependence on homes by creating soothing, natural environments.

This trend explores the idea of sanctuary in every sense. Spaces are filled with natural pigments and neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the eye. Natural materials like rattan, tactile surfaces and smooth edges add texture that is soothing and pleasant. Spaces have an overall minimalist design sense, with bold, large-scale geometry and generously proportioned, comfortable furniture. Add in some curated detail for character, and the overall effect is calming, grounding and peaceful.

Masonite Trend Intuitive-Home

Intuitive Home

Blending forward-thinking & simpler aesthetics for practical & comforting environments.

This trend aims to make the future less intimidating and more intuitive. This means a secure, peaceful atmosphere as well as attention to ergonomics and comfort in design. Tinted, translucent, perforated and finely textured materials let designers play with ambient light. Another key feature is technology housed in materials that blend with the surrounding environment, allowing tech to be present without being overbearing. Everything is designed with aesthetics and tech in mind, and, most importantly, the entire home maintains a consistent look and feel throughout.