Interior Doors

At Cleary Millwork we have chosen our manufacturing sources carefully in order to provide the very best in interior door products to our independent dealer partners. Along this line, we are continuously working to improve the quality, along with the value to our customers, of the many types and sizes of interior doors we prehang. Our goal is to provide your door needs from standard prehungs or cut down doors in height or width to custom size jambs with special hinges. With four locations in New England our quick lead time, product selection and shop capabilities will be sure to fill all your door needs.

Masonite interior door photo


Masonite is an industry leader offering a breadth of interior doors featuring the latest trends and designs and delivering distinctive door styles that complement any home and personal taste. Every Masonite door is the result of years of research, design, engineering, and development. Cleary’s in-stock offering includes 14 molded door styles in solid and hollow core in sizes ranging from 1/0 – 3/0.

Masonite Fire Doors Photo


Cleary Millwork offers 1-3/4″ solid core molded doors in a 20 minute fire rating. 9 popular styles are offered in stock including 6 panel smooth, 2, 3, and 4 panel styles. Flush doors come in birch, lauan, plain sliced red oak and primed. Standard units include single rabbet wood frames standard and Fastframe adjustable steel frames are also available.

Captiva Wood Interior Doors


Captiva custom wood doors are crafted in any size and available in most domestic and imported hard and soft woods. Provide us with a picture or a sketch of your ideas and our skilled craftsmen will transform your choice of wood into a beautiful doorway for exterior or interior use. Captiva Wood Doors are also available as fire doors in most door styles.

Masonite Wood Interior 15 Lite Door Photo


Masonite’s wood doors are available in a variety of high-grade wood species. Wood doors are precision handcrafted using vertical stiles and horizontal rails in your choice of panels and glass, ready to stain or paint. Cleary stocks 6 panel radiata pine, 15 lite clear and primed, 1 lite clear and frosted, louver doors, lauan, birch and hardboard.

Rogue Valley 4 Panel Wood Interior Door Photo


Rogue Valley Door is America’s largest builder of wood doors. Located in Southern Oregon within walking distance of Rogue Valley’s manufacturing facility, grow some of the world’s finest lumber, including the highest grade douglas firs and ponderosa pines.

Captiva A interior doors


Captiva custom MDF doors are engineered from wood fibers and other recyclable materials. Denser and stronger than particle board, MDF is considered an environmentally-friendly material that is priced less than wood. Captiva MDF doors utilize a wood core which provides greater stability and allows for lighter weight than doors made with an MDF core.

Captiva Architectural Concepts door image


Architectural Concepts (AC) MDF Doors are now part of our Captiva Door line. This high quality, premium custom MDF door line featuring solid MDF stile and rail construction, offers a complete line of architectural interior doors to fill any opening requirement. Choose Captiva AC Series for custom, larger residential and commercial interior packages.

MDF C-Series Doors


C-Series MDF doors combine traditional stile and rail construction with environmentally-friendly MDF to offer an alternative to all-wood interior doors. The C-Series MDF doors are stocked in both 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″ and come in a primed finish.

Masonite MDF Interior Door photo


Masonite’s Le Chateau MDF doors (formerly Lemieux) are constructed from MDF paneling for increased strength and stability. Cleary’s inventory includes 3 styles of the most common flat panel designs. Download our stock PDF to see available styles and sizes. Special orders are available with quick lead times.

Barn Doors from Cleary Millwork Photo


Almost any door can be used for a barn door application when paired with barn door hardware. Many lumberyards want to make the selection process easy for their customers which is why we offer complete barn door kits. Our prefinished barn doors come packaged with hardware and everything needed in a kit. Our barn door offering includes slabs and hardware. See our catalog for details.

Woodfold Accordion Doors Photo


Woodfold Accordion Doors are the premier natural wood accordion door on the market. Accordion doors make excellent room dividers and can help eliminate challenges with tight areas. Available for residential and commercial use, these products are special order from Cleary. Also available from Woodfold are custom bookcases, roll-up doors for more space-saving options and elevator gates.

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