The Cooper Difference Is In The Details

The Cooper Difference Is In The Details

Today’s modern design trend demands non-traditional stair building materials and designs that push the limits of engineering.

With today’s modern stair designs, more and more customers are demanding “non-traditional” building materials such as glass and metal, composite materials, and reclaimed wood, paired with designs that incorporate open risers, glass panels, cable balustrades, or mono-stringer style stairs.

For those that want a traditional wood staircase, builders and architects are customizing the designs – their customers want choices other than stock parts to create a focal point that is personalized to their style. This may include mixing species, customizing the handrail, and using different grades of tread materials such as reclaimed wood or distressed treads.

Whether you want a traditional wood stair, or something completely modern – or maybe a combination of the two, we have the expertise to build and deliver a Cooper preassembled staircase to your customers.

Since 1974, Cooper Stairworks has combined old world joinery, innovative production equipment, and years of experience allowing us to offer a complete stair system that is strong, beautiful, and cost effective. Cooper preassembled stairs are built in Somerset, Massachusetts and distributed throughout New England and New York by Cleary Millwork

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