Wholesale Doors moves to Somerset

Wholesale Doors moves to Somerset

Wholesale Doors has moved to Somerset, MA.

Wholesale Doors will be moving to Somerset, MA in the coming months. This plan, which has been underway for several months, has been carefully planned and executed to have minimal impact on the business. When all is completed, Cleary & Wholesale Doors will have more capacity, a streamlined ordering process, and better delivery schedules.

Phase I was the office move that involved the Inside Sales & Engineering to relocate to a new office building in Braintree, MA. This transition went smoothly, and our employees are enjoying their new office space.

Phase II, which will involve moving the Hollow Metal shop, will take place in the next week. We are not expecting any dramatic spikes in lead times of our De La Fontaine doors and frames as we make this move. All ship dates will be reflected in the acknowledgements.

The third and final phase will take place the week of Thanksgiving and the first week of December. This will involve moving the Wood Door shop which will be a bit more involved, but again, we have carefully planned everything so that there is minimal impact to our customers. With wood doors, we are suggesting orders be placed as early as possible in November to avoid any delays during the week of the move. We will continue to update our customers on our progress and any other crucial updates.

Cleary Barbaric Door System

The Somerset manufacturing facility has undergone major improvements this year. A new 40,000 sq ft addition features a robotic and artificial-intelligence warehousing system, only the second of its kind in the US. The door-picking system will allow us to maintain 100% accuracy on doors needed for production. Within this new addition there will be enough space for about 30,000 door slabs, stacked from the ground up. Robots and automatic conveyors will also be added to the pre-finishing production area. We welcome our customers to visit our Somerset facility; please contact your Cleary / Wholesale Doors sales rep to arrange a date for a Plant Tour.

We cannot stress enough that this move has been carefully planned but felt communication with our customers was important to put you at ease in the event of any concerns. As always, we thank you for your business and for putting your trust in Wholesale Doors. Please reach out to your Cleary or Wholesales Door Sales rep or management with any questions or concerns.