Captiva AC Series MDF Doors

Captiva AC Series MDF Doors

We have partnered with Architectural Concepts and co-branded their doors to offer our dealer customers the Captiva AC Series MDF Door Collection, a high quality solid MDF door.

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Superior Poplar Wood Edge

• Developed to have a continuous bond with the MDF core

• Increases the structural rigidity of the door

Cope & Stick, Stile & Rail Construction

• Architecturally correct, allows endless design possibilities

• Zero gaps at stile and rail joints

• Custom profiles are welcome

Machining Capabilities

• Doors are perfectly square and sized

• All edges are rounded over, even top and bottom

Superior Exterior Primer

• High-end, High-build WDMA primer developed for MDF

• No orange peel and sands easily

• Works with any top coat

Prefinishing Capabilities

• High-end, durable, waterborne polyurethane

• Exceeds KCMA test requirements

• Most colors and sheens can be achieved

Fire Ratings

• 20-90min available on most designs

• Includes many glass designs