What makes our door better?

What makes our door better?

Our Performance Door System was designed to do what doors are meant to do — keep the outside out and the inside in — but we do it better than our competitors. Welcome to the first part in our new series showing how we have perfected our door system to be virtually weatherproof, which means less callbacks and warranty claims for you and your customers.

A system above the rest

Our standard fiberglass door system includes a 4-Point Performance Seal and Premium Door and Frame. The Cleary system goes a step further, using a True Square Composite Edge for even better performance. Tested to withstand winds over 50 miles per hour, and 8-inch per hour rains, our door performed 64% better than the competition and is rated DP45!

True Square Composite Edge

The biggest difference between our fiberglass doors and the competition is our True Square Composite Edge. A true and square door ensures a tighter and more secure fit than a proud edge. We take it a step further and use a composite edge to better stand up to usage, water and insect damage.

Factory-Sealed Glass

Natural light not only reduces electricity bills, but it also makes us feel happier, healthier and more relaxed in our homes. Our flush-glazed doors allow more visible glass area than traditional lite frames.

When it comes to our popular Craftsman flush-glazed door, our doors have a wider glass area as compared to our competitor’s flush-glazed doors. Our doors also have a true square composite edge and distinct witness lines.

The Z-AC Sill

Z-AC has been proven to outperform every other sill product saving you time and money from service calls and adjustments.

The Z-AC’s spring-loaded cap automatically adjusts for a tight, lasting seal, even if the opening isn’t perfect or conditions change over time. Click on the play button below to see how Z-AC works to be virtually weatherproof.


When it comes to door frames, we know your customers want choices. Finishing options and price are important factors, but the main reason for choosing a fiberglass door is that it is low maintenance. Our frames combine style choice and performance.

The wood composite at the base of the frame won’t absorb moisture that causes rot or swelling. Factory-primed to be painted just like wood. Lifetime warranty.


PanoLock+ is the first and only multi-point lock that works with a variety of off-the-shelf hardware, including electronic deadbolts, from Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek, Baldwin and others. Match hardware throughout your entire project without compromising on performance.


A simple turn of the deadbolt activates all 3 points of contact for a secure connection. Unlike other locks with weak hooks or catches, PanoLock+ has tapered bolts that engage easily, even if the door is out of alignment. An adjustable roller strike allows for gentle operation and snugs the door panel against the weatherstrip.